My mother surprised me with tickets for the Soap Opera Digest Awards a month prior to the taping in. I was thrilled! She got me out of school right after 6th period. We drove to Universal Studios, smiling and giggling.

After having dinner, we settled into our seats on the top row in the very center, providing us with a clear view of everything. Stars began to fill the auditorium. The fans cheered. The actress who plays Kelly on OLTL was one of the firsts to enter. She stopped for a few autographs and talked with some fans. I remember little Alexis Manta (Amanda Dillon) next. Stars swarmed the auditorium during the last few minuets before taping. They seemed a bit nervous with the screaming crowd. "Where's John Callahan?" I kept asking. We finally spotted him. I screamed his name a few times but he didn't hear me. He sat down with Eva in the front row with other AMC friends: Michael Knight, Michael Nader, and Jennifer Bassey.

The show began with Leeza Gibbons. After that I kept seeing a lot of Deirdre Hall and that other guy that's always around her. I was thrilled to see Michael E. Knight take home an Emmy! Jennifer Bassey leapt from her seat when her friend won and in turn ripped the back of her dress. She revealed this to the crowd after winning her own Emmy. She was adorable! Michael Nader, unfortunately, failed to win the Best Villain Emmy. Hayley and Mateo won Best Couple, which I found a bit surprising.

During the commercial breaks I professed my love to John Callahan. "John Callahan, I love you!" followed by ecstatic hoots and hollers. From a hundred feet away I could tell he was blushing. Eva was laughing. I'm sure she was happy to hear her husband get some attention. My mom nudged me repeatedly and sank deeper into her seat. He was a hundred feet away from me! WOW!

I was pleased to see John take home The Most Outstanding Actor. He sure deserved it! I was cheering the whole time. If you stuck your ear to the screen you would have heard John thanking me! "For the fans!" Well, I am a huge one!