. . .he's like the perfect brother. He's a great guy. I thoroughly enjoy working with him. We get along, through his ups and downs and quirks. His leaving will, no doubt, give Edmund a good storyline. But, to be honest, I'd rather not pay that price.

I presented quite a challenge to our costume designer, Charlie Clute, when my character, Edmund, posed as a sleazy gigolo. You see, Charlie usually shops for wardrobe in places like Saks Fifth Avenue. But where do you shop for a sleazy guy who wears leather and gold chains? Charile found just the place in a bizarre little shop in Greenwich Village where they stocked the perfect outfits for my character-along with a selection of sex toys and edible undergarments!

My name was nearly mud by the time I took a plunge into quicksand! Fortunatley I didn't have to wallow in real mud during the long hours of rehearsal and taping that scene. To simulate quicksand our prop department mixed up 1500 pounds of oatmeal, cinnamon, and cocoa puffs in a pool-and I had jumped in! After playing scene after scene in the sticky mixture, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, only to be nibbled on by every dog in New York!

I still haven't perfected the art of staring forever into the commercial

What I love about daytime is that there's plenty of room to experiment because you're in a long term story.

I'm reasonably patient, honest and I don't sweat the details.

It feels so good. (upon winning Outstanding Actor in SOD awards)

When I saw us enter Garden City and exit Garden City, I decided to commandeer the bus. Thank God I know a little bit of Korean, and was able to point and show the bus driver where to go. (Hurrying to get to Edmund and Maria's wedding.)

One kid was real quiet and he and I started talking. One of the teachers said 'He never talks'. That made me feel very good. It must have been the tux. The boy probably thought I was from the circus. (Posing with a kindergarten class who was watching the taped wedding.)

Viewer interest is so keen now that the producers are smart enough to know that they have a good thing. (Edmund and Brooke's relationship.)

I don't watch soaps that much, but I hear that the bond between the brothers is one of the strongest on daytime. The attention that Micheal and I get from my fans is right up there with their concern about whether Edmund should be paired with Brooke or Maria. It took me by surprise the first time I read those letters. When you've got clearly-defined characters who are different, yet genuinely care about each other like Edmund and Dimitri, you can go a lot of places with that. It helps that Micheal and I are friends and we respect each other's work.


But I knew they were pretty much crucifying me over the internet.


[Parents] are training wheels. We help [our children] navigate the twists and turns. And after we taught them everything we know, we cross out fingers and let go and hope for the best.

I think there's more to the story of baby Sonya than meets the eye and I intend to get to the bottom of it.

Kit, listen to me. Erica-I know Erica too well, and she is dogmatically misguided, ok?

Kit, I want to believe you, you understand what I'm saying? But you have to help me. You have to give me a reason- a damn good one too.

It's all right, Kit. I don't think you're crazy.

When I get out of here, I'm gonna kill you.

Look, you know what I know? I know she needs help, not judgment. (Re Kit)


Edmund giveth and Edmund taketh away.

Just close your eyes..think of me..and I will always be there.


I'm going to find a man that will love me as much as you loved Maria.


Pine Valley's got more beefcake than the Burger Barn!


We are twin comets blazing across the literary sky.

....Saint Maria...of Wildwind....tending to the sick in her push-up bra!


What is this....Goodbye! Thanks for the mammaries!?


Tell me the I look fat?


Your Honor, Miss Kane's lap dog objects!


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