Brooke English captured Edmund's heart when he fist arrived in Pine Valley as a reporter investigating the murder of Will Courtland. Edmund loved her so much that he promised to marry her. She refused however, because Edmund's quest for revenge against Dimitri, was coming between them. Tad Martin's return further complicated things and even though Edmund loved Brooke he married Maria Santos shortly after their break up.

Maria and Edmund shared a love envied by most of Pine Valley. Even though their love was fierce they encountered such obstacles as infertility, loss, adultrey and lies. It looked as though Maria and Edmund had finally conquered their battles when Erica returned Maddie to them. Maria however was tragically presumed dead, leaving Edmund in a lonely world, of which it is doubtful he will ever recover...

Christine Montgomery got off to a rocky start with her brother. She also became a well known newcomer in Pine Valley, when she accused Ryan Lavery of rape. Edmund supported her throughout her ordeals with more than friendly concern. Kit soon realized however, that she could not compete with the ghost of Maria.

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