That's me there. No, I'm not 13, I am 18.

DOB: March 23, 1981

Live: CA, my whole life

Height: 5'4

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Blue

Belly Button: Inny

Piercings: Just my ears

Fav Actors: JC of course, Robin Williams and Nicholaus Cage

Fav Actress: Kathy Bates

Leno or Letterman: LENO! I can't wait five mins for

Dave's punchline!

Tatoos: No

Math: I hate it, hAtE it, HATE IT!!!!!!!!

2 best friends: Ja'Nene and Daria

Family Joke: Harris Tweed

Status: Very Single

When I grow up: I want to be a writer. I've been working on a

novel. I would love to join All My Children and smack some sense

into those writers!

Beliefs: I'm a Christian. I have a relationship with God. I hate the

word "religion".

Best Present: My dad's cousin was able to get an autograph from John

Callahan. He wrote my name on it (spelled correctly with one "L"),

signed his name on it and gave me hugs and kisses (xoxo) Sigh....

DREAM MAN: Will resemble John Callahan quite a bit, but younger and

single of course (o:

I enjoy and my adorable puppies. , Golden Retrievers: Gilligan and Ginger. Gilligan is an idiot, but a total sweetheart. Ginger is beautiful, and very vain!

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