Fortune City The In Depth Story

Fortune City The In Depth Story: According to ABC, as Kit and Edmund's relationship heats up in the new year, issues from one of their pasts may cloud their future. Could that issue be Maria? The network isn't saying, and in a recent chat with Soaps In Depth, Callahan said that if she should decide to return to the soap, it likely wouldn't happen until next summer. In the meantime, fans of Callahan will have to wait to see the actress burn up the big screen in the independent movie, One Hell Of A Guy. The film, in which Callahan plays the devil's steamy assistant opposite Rob Lowe, is on the lookout for a distributor. According to a spokesperson for 7.23 Productions, On Hell Of A Guy recently was shown at the Mifed Film Festival in Milan, Italy, in hopes of finding a buyer. For now, Callahan continues to pound the pavement in search of other interesting roles. And in the midst of that pursuit, she admits that she has been turning down some opportunities --- including several hosting gigs. "I don't know if I want to go down that road right now," says the former CANDID CAMERA emcee. "Not to say that I wouldn't in the future, depending on what happens." In fact, Callahan reveals that she and husband John Callahan (Edmund), with whom she hosted the Miss America pageant and two installments of Lifetime's WEDDINGS OF A LIFETIME, were approached to host their own talk show. "We both went, 'Wow!'" she marvels. "But contractually, John can't do something that might air against AMC." "Someday, if we're both off the soap," she adds, "it would be something that we'd look into again."

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