If you have watched AMC lately, you will come to realize that we have seen little to nothing of Edmund and Dimitri in the past year. AMC needs to give John and Micheal a good storyline! They need to be on the front burner again where they belong.

John and Micheal have shown us that they are wonderful, talented actors. They have impressed us tremendously in scenes with Susan Lucci, Julia Barr, and Micheal E. Knight. Their talent should not be ignored.

Yes, we all love and miss Maria. But does that mean that we have to lose Edmund and Dimitri too? Edmund was a wonderful character before Maria. Since it is doubtful that Eva will ever return, we need to focus on rebuilding Edmund and Dimitri. That is why I have decided to start this letter campaign.

After I have accumalated enough emails I will send them to TPTB.

These emails should include:

First and last name

Email address

Your thoughts on why Edmund (and or)Dimitri should be seen more (please use more detail than: "I like Edmund, let's see more of him")

Optional information:

Your homepage

Anything else regarding AMC or John and Micheal

Please do not use profanity.

Send your emails to me. I will let you know when I have mailed the letters, and also inform you when/if we receive a response.

Click on the puppy to send me your letter to TPTB.


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