After giving up on Brooke English, who was involved in a loveless

marriage to Tad, Edmund Grey married Maria Santos. The couple

married on March 11, 1994, in a beautiful Catholic service, made

complete with a horsedrawn carriage after the ceremony.

The happily married couple took a honeymoon in Hungary. It was

there they discovered a shocking secret. Dimitri had a son! Corvina

Lang told a story she had kept secret for over 20 years. She had

seduced a drunken Dimitri, and had bore him a son, Anton in secret.

Anton was not Corvina's sister. He was her son, and his parents were

really his grandparents! Edmund and Maria convinced Corvina that she

had to tell Dimitri. Eventually she caved in and confessed the

secret to her son's father. After the shock wore off Dimitri, he

invited Anton into his home and paid for his college degrees.

Dimitri managed to keep this secret from him. He became hell-bent on

keeping his precious son from the clutches of Kendall Hart, Erica's

estranged, resentful daughter. Kendall repeatedly succeeded in

hurting Erica. She told her mother she had slept with Dimitri, she

lied under oath, forced her to confront her rapist and faked a

suicide attempt. Upon hearing about that Dimitri was his father,

Anton eloped with Kendall, in order to hurt the two of them.

Del Henry, who helped Kendall write a book about her mother, had

secrets he was hiding. Years ago Del had talked Maria out of her

virginity in college. He dumped her afterwards. Along with

resentful feelings towards Del, Maria was also reliving horrible

memories. Maria and Del's encounter had left her pregnant. She kept

this hidden from her Catholic parents, who would be deeply ashamed of

her. Maria hid her pregnancy. Halfway through however, she lost the

baby. Having been untreated for her miscarriage, she had been

scarred permanatley. It was highly unlikely she would ever conceive.

This obviously infuriated Edmund. He and Del had a few words. Henry

also did not make a friend out of Tad. The only reason Del had come

to town was to get Dixie's kidney, because he was dying. Dixie did

give her kidney to her half brother, destroying her dream of having

Tad's baby.

Maria and Edmund experienced a great deal of grief after failing

time after time with invetro-vertilization. Erica made matters worse

when she told the world on "The Cutting Edge", about Edmund and

Maria's difficulty conceiving. This created thick tension within


During this time, Edmund was running for a political office, against

a nasty opponent. He dragged Edmund's good name through the mud when

he hired a photographer to take pictures of him and Liz Sloane.

Pictures that appeared to be evidence of an affair. During this

horrible scandal, Edmund's car was set on fire and he was presumed

dead. He showed up unexpectantly, however, at his own funeral.

After nearly giving up on their dreams of a baby, the Greys' were

introduced to a pleasant surprise: Kelsey Jefferson. Kelsey was

a 16 year old troubled pregnant girl. Kelsey was considering

abortion. Maria and Edmund convinced her to have the baby and give

them parental rights. The Grey's would give her a place to stay and

pay for all of her medical bills. How could she refuse?

Kelsey agreed to this arrangement. There was no way she wanted to

be held down by a baby. Kelsey was shocked when Bobby, the boy she

had slept with at a party was attending the same high school as her.

Bobby didn't even remember her name! And now he was dating Anita

Santos, Maria's sister! Kelsey agreed to keep quiet. She liked Pine

Valley; things were working out.

The Grey's were very generous to her. They made sure she felt right

at home at Wildwind. After Kelsey delivered Sam however, she felt

that she had been used. Kelsey felt unloved. Her crush on Edmund

only worsened her growing resentment for Maria.