I've met John Callahan a few times.

I bumped into him on the street in NYC in 1994. He was coming out of a gym. I smiled, he smiled. I kept walking but some other woman approached him and he signed an autograph for her. Seemed very nice.

I visited the AMC set in Oct 1993 and he and Eva La Rue were running lines during camera blocking. They were a joy to watch and they were having a blast cracking each other up as well. JC kept saying his lines wrong on purpose, trying different things out. When I finally saw the show I had to laugh because it was so blah compared to the rehearsal, which was a hoot.

In September of 1993 I saw JC and Kelly Ripa at a comedy club in Nanuet, NY. He's a riot! Both he and Kelly were really nice and hysterical. They were telling us behind the scenes stuff from the show. How Michael Nader forgets his lines, how they all have a blast there, the dumb stuff they have to do...