The Begining


Edmund Gresham was the son of one of the maids at Wildwind (Flora) and the gardener (Alf Gresham). He grew up in Dimitri Marick's shadow. After a very sad childhood, he left home to pursue a career in writing. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism. Edmund came to Pine Valley investigating the murder of Will Courtland. He got a job at tempo where he met Brooke English. He fell hard for Miss English. He loved her and her son Jamie very much. The couple talked seriously about marriage.

Edmund discovered that he was Dimitri's half brother, from an affair his mother had had with Hugo, Dimitri's father. He found a will that told him the truth. Hugo had left Edmund all of Wildwind after years of betrayl. Helga, Angelique's mother, destroyed the will, ruining the only evidence Edmund had of the truth.

Edmund was determined to prove to his brother his true identity. He got a court order to exhume Hugo's grave. The corpse was to be genetically tested to determine the validity of Edmund's claims. Edmund was furious when he discovered that Dimitri had hidden the body. Dimitri was in Hungary with his mistress, Erica. Despite Brooke's protests, Edmund flew to Hungary to spy on his brother. Dimitri refused to tell him where the body was. Furious, Edmund kidnapped Erica determined to get Dimitri to relent. Erica finally convinced Edmund to release her. She hurried to find Dimitri and tell him she was okay. She was shocked however to see him hugging Angelique. Dimitri was in the midst of divorcing her. Where they back together? Erica stormed back to Edmund and agreed to take revenge on Dimitri.

With Erica's help, Edmund was able to force Dimitri to turn over Hugo's cadaver. The crisis was far from over, however, when Helga locked Erica in a crypt. Edmund tried to convince his brother that he did not know where Erica was. Together, the two of them searched for her. They finally discovered a catatonic Erica and a fleeing Helga. Before plunging to her death, Helga admitted to burning Hugo's will and finally revealed to Dimitri that Edmund's wild claims were true.

Dimitri and Edmund agreed to give one another a chance. Both men were worried about Erica. She had nearly died in the crypt and was suffering emotionally and physically. Erica faked amnesia, and allowed Dimitri to fuss over her. Edmund discovered her scam and revealed this to his brother. Dimitri was furious and dumped Erica. Unable to deny his true feelings, however, he proposed to her in March of 1992.

Edmund was heartbroken when Brooke dumped him. "I'd rather throw myself in front of a moving truck." (than get back together with him). Ouch! Edmund remained hopeful that she would come to her senses.

All of Pine Valley was shocked when Tad Martin wandered into Pine Valley believing he was Ted Orsini. Tad was supposed to be dead! Brooke held Tad's hand as he searched for his identity. Tad was shocked to see the love of his life, Dixie, was to Brian Bodine. He was also shocked when he discovered that Brooke had bared his child while he was gone.

After struggling with what to do, Tad decided to marry Brooke and give his son a father. Dixie was heartbroken. It didn't take her long to divorce Brian.

Meanwhile, Edmund had begun dating Maria Santos, a beautiful young doctor. Edmund loved her energy and gift for making others smile. Soon the cute couple became engaged.

Brooke and Edmund sensed something fishy occuring with a new plan to build a retirement home in Willow Lake. The land wasn't fit for building on. The two decided to expose the scam. Edmund went undercover as Phoeobe's boy toy "Eduardo." While investigating, Edmund found himself trapped in quicksand. Edmund was convinced he was a goner until he saw Brooke. Brooke pulled him out of the ground and nursed his wounded hands at a nearby cabin. Edmund professed his love to Brooke. She admitted she never stopped loving him. He told Brooke that he would dump Maria if she would commit to him. Brooke resisted out of her loyalty to her husband. Brooke told Edmund no. He reluctantly left, while deciding to put Brooke English behind him.

Brooke was hurt when Tad admitted their marriage was wrong. He filed for a divorce. She was devastated to learn that she was pregnant. What if Tad discovered and took her unborn child and Jamie? She refused to let it happen. Brooke kept her pregnancy a secret. She went to have a check up and was told to have an abortion. The fetus had formed in the wrong place. If she didn't abort her baby they both would die. Brooke was outraged at her doctor. She ignored his prognosis, suspecting Tad might be behind it somehow. Brooke packed a few bags grabbed Jamie and took off on a train, unsure where she was heading.

Tad tracked her down and pleaded with her to come back to Pine Valley and see a doctor. He also told her he had no intention of keeping Jamie away from her. Brooke refused to believe him. Edmund was the only one that could convince her. Brooke insisted that the doctor had lied to her or mislead her. Edmund pleaded with her to see another doctor. She finally agreed. He consoled Brooke as she went through her difficult abortion.

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