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Radioactive Maria

Dimi Discovers Maria


When Alligators Attack



Raquel gets over the fact that she can't have Mateo. Her rivalry with Hayley still continues however. One day, Raquel accuses Hayley of sleeping with Ryan, Hayley smacks Raq right across her mouth. Max witnesses this and from then on hates Hayley with a passion. He does everything he can to hurt Hayley. He tries to turn Mateo against her.

Raquel falls in love with a man named Carl. Carl's 50 year old wife Moura is dying a slow death from cancer. They plot to kill her. They justify it because she is suffering. Moura, who suspects them of having an affair tapes a conversation of their plot.

The murder is set for three days from now. The next night Raq calls up Carl and explains to him that she can't go through with killing her. Carl understands.

Moura confronts Raq. She lunges at her with a knife. Raq tries to tell her that she isn't going to kill her. While they are wrestling, Moura collapses and dies.

Days later, Raq and Carl find out that the tape is in the possession of the DA, Jack Montgomery. Raq and Carl will probably be tried for first degree murder! Hayley acts quickly and threatens to tell the police where she is hiding if she doesn't secretly meet with her. Hay tells her to bring Max along too. When they both meet at the bridge, Hayley loads the two of them into a van and drives them to the airport. Hay bought the 2 of them a one way ticket to Japan.She tells Raq she must go to Japan or she will be turned in...

Radioactive Maria

Looks like Adam has another awful secret! After the plane crash, Adam met with the TWA (is that the name?) people, 3 of them in a secret location. They had a lot to discuss.

"And another thing," one of them said "Maria Santos is alive."

Adam demanded to know where Maria was and why they were keeping this a secret. They said that Maria was very badly injured and was mentally scarred. She was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and intense paranoia. The guy explained that a secret, right wing, government agency wanted to use Maria for spying, and other uses for their own purposes. He refused to give Adam the name of the group. The SRWGA Maria from TWA. TWA would only do this if they received money. Money would have to come from Chandler. Chandler would give TWA millions in exchange for the airline blotting out any involvement Chandler ever had in the TWA corporation and the crash. Adam asked a bunch of questions, most of which the three refused to answer. Adam refused to cooperate until he saw Maria. One of the men withdrew some photographs from a safe and showed him. They were pictures of Maria, badly burned in airplane reckage, pictures of Maria in a bed, pictures of Maria talking to a secret doctor. Adam could tell that these photos were very recent. The men assured him that all they wanted was money. Chandler finally complied. They gave him instructions on where and when to give them the huge sum of cash. They also told him that if he turned them in or backed out of the agreement at the last minuete that they would kill Hayley. They were damned serious! Adam said he understood. Convinced, one of the three deposited the Maria photos into the fireplace, destroying them within seconds. Two days later Chandler had given them the huge sum of cash. His conscience was not at ease though. He kept thinking of Maria and the endless torture she was enduring. Adam kept this horrible secret for nearly five years.

Tad impulsively decides to take a trip to Germany. It is sort of a missionary trip to help orphans and victims of political warfare. While in a hospital he sees a scarred, lifeless woman in a bed with the uncanny resemblance of Maria Santos. Tad studies her day after day. He is told she is suffering from amnesia. Tad talks to her even though she never responds. One day he shows her a picture of Edmund. "Edmund" she says and repeats it a few times before falling asleep. Tad immediatley phones Adrian and arranges for him to fly to Germany that day. He tells him that he is the only one that can help him and that it is a matter of life and death. Adrian finally agrees. Tad is terrified of his bizarre, new discovery...

Dimi Discovers Maria

Alex,(who isn't really British at all but French!) is involved in the secret coverup of Maria's death. They are doing all sorts of experiments on her. Alex is intrigued by Edmund Grey. She reads all of his articles and reads everything she can on him. She is fascinated by his intelligence, strength and his incredible beauty and charm. Alex begins to feel tremendously guilty for being a part of the coverup on Maria. How could she torture this woman and her family? Alex decides she must cut herself off from this group. She contacts Dimitri Marrick. Dimitri forgives Alex for her small part in the conspiracy. How can they help Maria? Well the group knows that Alex seems to be aloof with them. They are monitoring her every move! Alex must get out of the country and back to the United States where her and Dimitri can research Maria and be safe. Dimitri and Alex agree to marry each other. Over the next few months they talk for hours over the phone getting to know each other very well. (they must be able to convince immigration officers that they are in love.) After a while Alex and Dimitri decide to make their move. Dimitri goes to England to retrieve Alex. The two get married and pose as a very in love couple. While on the plane back to the US, Dimitri is poisoned by a flight attendant. (involved in the conspiracy.) While Dimi is dying he makes Alex promise not to have an autopsy done. This, he is convinced will only put Edmund in grave danger, knowing that something sinister happened to his brother. Dimitri warns Alex to be very careful and safe as she searches for the truth behind Maria. Alex sees he has very little time to live and that he will surely die. Panicked, she demands that the plane turn around. How on Earth can she face Dimitri's family at a time like this??? What could she say...???

*This is similar to Radioacative Maria. I would love for either plot to occur.


A recasted Kendall (an excellent actress if we can find one.) returns to PV. She dumped Del a long time ago, and she is returning to PV to get a job from Erica so she can get back on her feet again. Erica reluctantly agrees. She gives Kendall a job at Enchantment. Kendall is determined to show Erica that she is a good person. Kendall is looking for love. She goes on a few dates with Ryan but is not interested in him romantically.

Erica and David have been fighting lately about various things. David is doubting his engagement to her and is considering backing out. He keeps quiet about his feelings.

Kendall and David begin to notice each other. They become good friends. One night while Erica is away they can no longer deny their feelings for each other and they make love. Weeks later David and Kendall agree that they can't keep this away from Erica. They plan to tell her. How will she react? Will she go crazy? The secret couple get more and more anxious seeing Erica plan the extravegent wedding. How will they tell her?

Erica is totally shocked at Kendall and David's confession. She lunges at Kendall and smacks David who defends her. She disowns the both of them and fires Kendall from Enchantment.

Vanessa weezles her way into this and gives the tabloids an earfull of Erica's turmoil. Erica vows to seek revenge on David and Kendall.

David and Kendall marry 9 months later with a quiet wedding of only ten guests. They take a two week honeymoon in Paris and return to PV.

Erica joins forces with Adam and they try to bring down Dr. Dave. Both of them try to get Hayward fired from PV hospital. They try to prove that David assisted in the illegal practice of doctor assisted suicide. Their evidence is very thin and Erica and Adam fail to get David fired.

Nearly a year of feuding and revenge seeking continues with Erica. It is now currently January. Pine Valley is experiencing a horrible snowstorm. Erica is returning from the airport after a visit to see Bianca in Seattle. She is five minuetes away from home when she sees an overturned car on the side of the road, in the pouring snow. Erica pulls to the side of the road and jumps out of the car.

She is shocked to see David lying in the snow, with a gushing wound in his stomach. David crawls towards Erica in a pool of his blood. He reaches out for her help. He is certain she will do something. Erica watches him with a blank stare on her face. She does absolutely nothing to help him. An hour later David collapses, dead. Erica hears a hoard of ambulances behind her. A dozen EMT's run out. Erica tells them she just pulled over and found him. They roll of Dr. Dave and declare him dead. They place a green blanket over his cold corpse.

All of a sudden an EMT from almost a hundred feet away is heard shouting at the top of his lungs. Erica and three dozen other men run over to see what is happening. It's Kendall, lying unconscious in the snow! The EMT's and firemen run about and put Kendall in an ambulance within a couple of mins. Erica follows them to the hospital, in a state of utter shock.

After a week of treatment and the best care, Erica has a heart to heart with Dr. Joe. Erica's daughter is brain dead. And a chance for recovery is 20%. Even if Kendall were to get well she would be nothing but a vegetable. At the persistance of Dr. Joe and countless other doctors, Erica agrees to take Kendall off of life support.

A few seconds later, Jake comes running out of Kendall's room with his arms flailing in the air. "You can't do that! She's pregnant...!"

When Alligators Attack

I am not secretive about the fact that I hate Jake and Mateo. My fantasy is to have the two of them go canoeing in a swamp (they're so stupid!) and have two alligators overturn the canoe. The alligators slowly eat the two ridiculous men!

I hope you enjoyed that! I love making up stories!

Shades of Grey

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