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Well, from today's show we all know who the new ho in town is. The new village bicycle: Leslie Colson. She sure is bold. I don't have any problems with her as long as she keeps her skanky self away for my Edmund. I did enjoy her classy fight with Erica. And I hope we have many more to come. Finally, Pine Valley has a true blooded bitch! Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying I like her, I just love the fact that PV has a new bitch! (and for some reason I can't stop saying bitch!) Woo hoo! Go bitch!

Marion SHUDDUP! I actually turned off the tube today and took a nap. I couldn't stand listening to her anymore. I had the nicest little nap! I don't give a damn about Scott's trust fund and most importantly I want Marion to shut up! I wonder if the Glamorama can do something with her face. They only part of her face that moves is her mouth! Oh by the way, add Hayley too! She's like a freaking ambulance. Enough! Hey remember when Raquel and Mateo kissed? (The first one-the horrible actress) I don't but someone told me they did. Well, Mateo "forgot" to tell Hayley too. Just giving you some perspective.

It makes me ill to think that AMC has booted Nader to make room for idiots like Becca, Leslie, and Scott. Here's how they get rid of Becca and Scott: about two weeks of footage where we see them fall in love. Then they elope and are never heard from again!!! Then we can bring back our Dimi! Any ideas for getting rid of Leslie? I say she has a slow death brought on by an untreated STD.

Thoughts on the pentagon: Ryan-the kiss meant something. This guy has been fussing over Hayley for the past year. He barely looks at Gillian. He has obviously fallen for Hayley. That doesn't mean I sympathize with Gillian. How can I sympathize with a character that doesn't cry? Well she does cry into her hands. But I want to see her cry like Maria or Dixie. Otherwise-no sympathy here! And how can I like a character with horrible clothes and greasy hair? Hey, I'm all for vintage clothing, but some stuff should be reserved only for Halloween!

Wow! Look at spontaneous little Becca, swimming with her clothes on. Okay...

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