My second award. I didn't think I would win any others. Thankyou Ellen!

Love roses, thanks Carla!

God bless you Rebecca!

Catshome is gorgeous! (2/2/99)

Claudette's pages are a must see!

Thankyou Your Majesty! (2/25/99)

This award means a lot to me! (3/7/99)

This is such an adorable award. Thanks Donna! (3/7/99)

I am honored to recieve this award, Maureen. (3/14/99)

Thankyou very much for this award Maureen! (3/14/99)

Thanks a bunch Angel! *Make sure you visit her breathtaking site. (3/15/99)

Thankyou Nicolea! I really appreciate your support for this site.

I love this award, Sonya!

Visit her wonderful site!

I was so thrilled to receive this award!

Thankyou for honoring my site! (3/30/99)

I am very happy to receive the silver. It is a true honor. Thankyou, Tom! (4/2/99)

Thankyou Eugenia!


My first award!!! I was bouncing off the walls!