What do we love about Edmund....

Well everything!!!

Here are just some of the things we find so sexy!

When he furrrows his brow when he gets angry

His pursuit of what is right

His beautiful eyes

His forgiving heart

The way his face lights up when he talks about Maria

His patience with his brother

His smile

His willingness to help a friend

His tan

His intelligence

His maturity

His relationshilp with his kids


Well, as I remember that scene was shortly after Tad and Edmund got

back from Budapest.  Edmund was at home taking a shower in his huge

master bathroom.  The room was completely steamy, and you could hear

the faint music of the prelude to La Traviata in the background.  

The camera paned to Edmund lathering his manly tanned chest, and just

then the phone rang.  He got out of the shower and walked over to

where his towel was hanging ( the camera only showed his calves and

feet, but they looked perfect!).  He casually wrapped the thick

luxurious white towel around his hips and walked into the master

bedroom to answer the phone. While talking, he sat back in a dark

burgandy sofa that was facing the massive stone fireplace.   He

slowly sipped 100 year old cognac from a snifter while he calmly

talked for about a minute or two to someone regarding changing

Maddie's birth certificate to say that he is the father.  

Home Sweet Home:

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