I met John like 1 or 2 months ago in front of the ABC studios. My friends and I skipped school(I'm 15) and we went to the city and we waited outside the ABC studios to see if anyone would come out and he came out for lunch or something like that. He was nice. He thought it was funny that we weren't in school. My friend Michelle asked for his autograph and I think we took a few pics of him. I asked for his autograph too , he signed my $85 shirt, he said " are you sure you want my to sign your shirt?" I was like "yeah!" I didn't have paper but i didn't care although my mom was pissed when i got hom cause she bought my the shirt for christmas, anyways. He than said he was going to the deli and we followed him to the deli and then we just kept talking to him. He didn't get bothered by it, he actually talked to us. I didn't know what to say to him but my friend Michelle was like talking to him and asking him questions. He than said he had to go and he said if the police see us (cause we weren't in school) to hit the road, don't look back just run. He was wearing a hat and a white shirt. He was really cool and funny. He gave me a hand shake, he has big hands compared to mine.